Radiation Safety Services
RSO provides a wide variety of services to support radiation safety programs from large institutions to small research facilities. Services include on-site collection of leak tests of sealed sources, surveys of radioactive materials use laboratories, survey meter calibrations, medical health physics: including nuclear medicine, x-ray machine compliance surveys, mammography inspections, and industrial x-ray machine surveys. RSO also provides staff augmentation by providing full and part-time health physics technicians to help our customers implement their radiation safety programs.
  • NRC and Agreement State Radioactive Materials License Applications
  • Audits of Radiation Protection Programs
  • Health Physics Surveys
  • License Decommissioning Services including Decontamination and Final Surveys
  • Surveys, Disposal, and Consultation for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
  • Personnel Dosimetry Service
  • Leak Testing Services for Sealed Radioactive Sources
  • Medical Health Physics Services for Diagnostic Radiology, and Nuclear Medicine
  • Environmental Assessment and Surveillance Programs
  • Emergency Planning and Emergency Response Activities
  • Calibration/Repair of Survey Meters and other Radiation Detection Instruments
  • Radioanalytical Laboratory Services

RSO's staff includes Health Physicists and Health Physics Technicians, Laboratory Technicians and Instrument Calibration/Repair Technicians. Our senior staff includes a Certified Health Physicist and a senior Medical Health Physicists. RSO, Inc.'s Radioactive Materials Services Department includes radioactive waste technicians with training to meet DOT and Maryland CHS driver training requirements. This group is primarily involved in the packaging, transporting and storage of radioactive material and radioactive waste. The average experience of our senior personnel is over 13 years and we have worked together to provide radiation safety for radiation producing machines and radioactive materials working together to provide service to our customers.

Maryland Radioactive Materials Licenses, etc.
MD 33-021-01 Authorizes the laboratory use of radioactive materials, instrument calibration, sealed source leak testing/handling and radioanalytical services of industrial and environmental samples.

Instrument Calibration and Repair
RSO has a licensed calibration laboratory in Laurel, Md. Instruments are calibrated using methods in accordance with ANSI N323-1997, US NRC Regulatory Guide 10.8, Rev 2, Appendix B, and as recommended by the instrument manufacturer. Sources used for calibration are traceable to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). RSO calibrates survey meters and bench top instruments from all manufactures (Ludlum, Bicron, Victoreen, Johnson, Eberline, SEI, and others). RSO also calibrates and performance checks fixed monitors and vehicle monitoring systems, in the field. All calibrations are performed under Maryland license MD 33-021-01. Normal calibration turn around time is five working days or less from the date received to the date shipped. RSO can perform emergency calibrations with a one-day turn-around time. The calibration laboratory can also repair instruments from most of the major manufacturers.

Radioanalytical Laboratory
RSO has a fully staffed and equipped radioanalytical laboratory capable of providing counting and analysis of various samples. RSO routinely analyzes wipe tests samples collected during surveys of biotech research laboratories, nuclear medicine laboratories, radio-pharmaceutical production laboratories and device manufacturing facilities. Environmental analysis of soil and vegetation samples for uranium and thorium is routinely accomplished. Available laboratory equipment includes: three liquid scintillation counters, two automatic gamma counters, a gas-flow proportional detector counting system, and a germanium detector gamma spectrum analysis system.

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