Radioactive Material Services
RSO performs storage and transportation services to assist our customers in handling, transferring, shipping and temporary storage of radioactive materials.

Radioactive Waste Management
RSO provides management services for the disposal of radioactive and mixed chemical/radioactive waste.

RSO is licensed by the State of Maryland to handle, package, temporarily store, and ship radioactive wastes. The license also authorizes decay-in-storage of short half-life radioactive waste (half-life less than 88 days).

RSO can manage a wide variety customers' needs including large scale, long term waste management contracts as well as providing for smaller single pickup services. RSO can also work at customer���s facilities helping to implement decay or radioactive waste programs.

Transportation Services
RSO maintains a fleet of permitted vehicles ranging from vans to large trucks to provide for the transportation needs of our customers. We have the required state permits to transport hazardous and radioactive waste and we are an ICC permitted carrier of hazardous materials. RSO stringently follows USDOT required vehicle maintenance programs, and all our vehicles are regularly safety-inspected. RSO's driver technicians are trained and qualified in accordance with US DOT hazardous materials transportation regulations. Additionally, they are certified in Maryland as controlled Hazardous Substance drivers. Special pickups can be arranged for exclusive-use loads. RSO has the ability to ship to all LLRW burial sites and waste processors currently open to waste generators.

Emergency Response
RSO maintains a 24-hour emergency response service for its internal operations and for a wide variety of customers that ensures that a RSO emergency coordinator can be reached in the event of an emergency. Also, RSO subscribes to CHEMTREC, a nationwide service that provides emergency response for shipments of hazardous materials.

RSO has mobilized personnel, equipment and facilities to support emergency response activities for several years. Many of these responses have been to investigate radioactive material in municipal or medical waste streams. RSO���s Decay-In-Storage Program and ability to store and broker radioactive low-level radioactive waste has provided a means of disposal for much of the material discovered in these responses.

RSO's staff includes Health Physicists and Health Physics Technicians, Laboratory Technicians and Instrument Calibration/Repair Technicians. Our senior staff includes a Certified Health Physicist and a senior Medical Health Physicists. RSO, Inc.'s Radioactive Materials Services Department includes radioactive waste technicians with training to meet DOT and Maryland CHS driver training requirements. This group is primarily involved in the packaging, transporting and storage of radioactive material and radioactive waste. The average experience of our senior personnel is over 13 years and we have worked together to provide radiation safety for radiation producing machines and radioactive materials working together to provide service to our customers.

Maryland Radioactive Materials Licenses, etc.
MD 33-021-02 Authorizes the pick up, receipt, temporary storage, decay-in-storage, and transportation of radioactive material and waste and the packaging of sealed sources for transportation and disposal.
EPA Generator Number MDD-06-927-9669
US DOT Hazardous Materials Certified Transporter
Maryland Controlled Hazardous Substances (CHS) Hauler Certification HWH 352

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