RSO Posting Products:Radioactive Waste Labels

Item Number Name Price
SP-BH103 Biohazard Hazard Identitfy $35.00
SP-RM210V Discontinued = Crm Rad Liquid Waste = Discontinued $0.00
SP-RM585 Cram Controlled Disposal **discontinued** $0.00
SP-RW101ESF Caution Radioactive Waste Do Not Empty $50.00
SP-RW101V *discontinued* Radioactive Waste Do Not Empty $0.00
SP-RW104 Caut Radioactive Waste Nuclide Amount $50.00
SP-RW106A Radioactive Waste Disposal Sink $80.00
SP-RW108 Radioactive Waste Dry Waste Only $60.00
SP-RW109 3h & Or 14c Scintillation Vials $60.00
SP-RW110 Caution Radioactive Scintillation Vials Only $0.00
SP-RW111 *discontinued* Solid Waste Disposal Record All Disposals Must Be Recorded $0.00
SP-WL002 Discontinued, Caution Radioactive Waste $0.00
SQ-RW203 Hot Sink $5.00
SQ-RW204V Radioactive Waste Disposal Sink $5.00


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